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CNY Cheongsam T-Shirt Tops/Blouse Dress/Skirt Tube/Singlet Pant/Legging Jacket/Sweater XL/XXL Blouse Nightwear/ Pyjamas Lady Handbags Swim Suit Backpack Bags Dinner Bag Caps/Hats Crystal Jewelry Baby Clothes Men Clothes Cool Stuff

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Welcome to is an online fashion store for retail and wholesale who supplies most fashionable clothing & magazines style ladies apparel in Malaysia. All the dresses are sourced from various suppliers including from Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China.

If you have any feedback or suggestion, please email us.


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Home Lady Clothes Tops/Blouse **Large Size** Cotton Dress - Purple
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Lady Clothes arrow Tops/Blouse arrow **Large Size** Cotton Dress - Purple
**Large Size** Chiffon Bottom Designed Cotton Top**Large Size** Lace Vest

**Large Size** Cotton Dress - Purple
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**Large Size** Cotton Dress - Purple

Price per Unit (piece): RM45.00 / US$ 16.00

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**Large Size** Cotton Dress - Purple

Code: KC0413-W-086
Color: Purple
Material: Cotton

Size: L































In Stock: 1