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[NEW ITEM ] Jewerly

Dear all, We have sell Jewerly in our store now.
Please check it out on here.

[April 2012]

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Home All Items Trendy 2pcs Swim Suit - White Skirt (Size L)
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Traditional Batik SandalsTrendy Avanti Beard Necklace + Gift Box **FREE Postage

Trendy 2pcs Swim Suit - White Skirt (Size L)
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Trendy 2pcs Swim Suit - White Skirt (Size L)

Price per Unit (piece): RM44.00 / US$ 16.00

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goFashion - Singapore & Malaysia Online Fashion Store
Trendy 2pcs Swim Suit - White Skirt (Size L)
Code: TT1214-023
Color: Red Top + White Skirt 黑色
Mesurement: Size L


In Stock: 1